The Council also supports laws and regulations that impacts all individuals affected by brain injury and is committed to public education and prevention from injury occurring. As a credible voice and active advocate we have worked to support the following causes:


Support for development of treatment guidelines for people with brain injury

The Brain Injury Association of America is teaming up with the Brain Injury Research Center at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai to develop treatment guidelines for people with brain injury. The grant funds a three-year investigation to develop Guidelines for the Rehabilitation and Disease Management of Adults with Moderate to Severe Brain Injury.


The outcomes of this project will offer a framework for those providing services and will assist to further enhance the quality of care around the nation.  The MBIPC supports the efforts to develop guidelines and has made a financial pledge to assist in the funding of the grant.


Support for a Medicaid TBI Waiver for home/community based services

Given the young age of many persons with TBI, home/community based support makes sense both financially and clinically! The alternative is institutional placement where peers are the frail/elderly who are often in the last years of their life. The MBIPC Government Relations Committee supports the design of a Medicaid Waiver that will have the components of service that young people with TBI need to live and grow in their own communities.


Support for Improving access to Cognitive Rehabilitation through Commercial Health Insurance and Tri-Care (military)

The MBIPC Government Relations Council supports the Brain Injury Association in seeking a policy change by health insurers for approval for necessary cognitive rehabilitation. As outlined in the November 2006 BIAA position paper on Cognitive Rehabilitation (CR), the evidence shows that rehabilitation can improve the independence of persons with brain injury. See the TRICARE Coverage for Cognitive Rehabilitation – Talking Points (PDF)

Government Relations Committee

The MBIPC Government Relations Committee is comprised of a number of forward thinking member organizations, focused on monitoring and influencing government activity affecting brain injury survivors and their families.  MBIPC advocates for legislation and policies that allow providers to offer high quality care in a stable health care business environment.


The Committee is responsible for creating a bi-annual agenda and has the opportunity to participate in special legislative activities & meetings with key political leaders. The committee retains the services of a lobbyist, who assists in guiding the Government Relations Committee’s efforts to contact and educate legislators regarding the affects of proposed legislation, to alert membership of court decisions, and to involve MBIPC professionals in the creation of public policy that impacts brain injury survivors and their families.  By speaking as one voice, providers and advocates are more affective in their efforts of working with the legislative, judicial and executive branches of state government to improve access to, and funding for needed services.


Each MBIPC member is encouraged to become a Government Relations Committee Member (GRC) and to be “at the table” as the Committee weighs in on policy and legislative issues impacting our industry.  Corporate, Associate, and Individual Members can join the GRC by paying an additional due*.  By becoming a Committee member, you will receive access to timely information on critical legislative and judicial issues impacting our industry.  In addition, GRC members receive an additional vote on all General Membership matters.


*Dues = $1,000 for every $1 million of revenue (minimum dues of $1,000 and maximum of $24,000 per year)