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The Michigan Brain Injury Provider Council’s Education Committee invites you to submit a Speakers Application for our Learn Over Lunch (LOL) Series. Approximately 40 – 100 people attend. These 60 minute sessions offer the opportunity to present state-of-the- art information in the areas of treatment, life care planning, rehabilitation, community integration, family support, administration, legal and educational issues. Learn Over Lunch abstracts are based on the relevance of the subject and the content expertise of the speakers.

Learn Over Lunch Objectives

The purpose of Learn Over Lunch sessions is to provide state-of-the art information about brain injury treatment and therapies, which will foster optimal rehabilitation and a good quality of life. Learn Over Lunch is designed to benefit persons engaged in therapies with persons recovering from injury. Learning will occur with discussion, case studies, exhibits, practicum, and lectures

At the completion of this Learn Over Lunch Session, participants will be able to:

  1. Expand understanding of acquired brain injury, including diagnosis, selection of the optimal path for treatment, rehabilitation and community integration outcomes.
  2. Examine the recovery process throughout the life span for people with acquired brain injury in order to promote person-centered, reality-based rehabilitation with outcomes selected that consider goals and pre-morbid abilities of the person with acquired brain injury.
  3. Identify the latest research findings in technological, medical and psychosocial advances associated with brain injury rehabilitation.
  4. Develop skills to assess internal and external factors that influence treatment pathways involving families and persons’ with brain injury in the process of regaining self-control and self-determined living.
  5. Utilize innovative strategies for effective management of resources and clinical operations.
  6. Improve collaboration and networking throughout the industry to increase prevention.
  7. Receive continuing education credits for CBIS and CCM certifications.

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