Member Resources

The materials on this page are intended for MBIPC members only. The resources here are meant for members to identify themselves as such, promote the organization, and further MBIPC’s mission. The use of this material by non-members is prohibited.


Logo Policy

The Michigan Brain Injury Providers Council (MBIPC) allows its current members to use the MBIPC logo on their website and on printed material as long as the following guidelines are followed.

  • The logo cannot be modified, changed, or recreated in any way
  • It may not be combined with other logos or images to create a new symbol or logo
  • The logo cannot not be used to appear as if you and/or your company/organization are a preferred provider, endorsed by, or sponsored by the MBIPC
  • It cannot be used for any purpose other than promoting that you are a member of the MBIPC
  • All use of the MBIPC logo must cease immediately should your membership status become invalid

Any other use of the Michigan Brain Injury Providers Council (MBIPC) logo is strictly prohibited unless you have the express written consent of the MBIPC Board of Directors.